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Permit Pro

Streamlined Cloud-Based Digital Permit System

Advancing Local Permit Services

Streamlined Permit Management for Modern Needs

Local authorities and the private sector now have a powerful ally in our cloud-based permit management system. Crafted with the aim to elevate customer service and streamline administrative duties, it’s fully customisable to meet varied local needs. Our user-friendly self-service portal operates around the clock, enabling customers to handle permits with ease on any device, thereby enhancing service quality, reducing operational costs, and promoting environmental responsibility.

Elevate Operational Efficiency

With FTS’s digital permit services, local authorities and the private sector can benefit from a significant reduction in manual tasks, leading to substantial cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction. These cloud-based solutions not only streamline the permit issuance process but also promote sustainable practices by minimising paper use and reducing the carbon footprint. Our platform delivers a hassle-free permit management experience, ensuring local governments can focus on serving their communities effectively.

Smart Solutions for Sustainable Management

Enhanced Digital Permit Management

Streamline and greenify your permit process with FTS’s comprehensive digital solution. Our platform offers flexible permit types and pricing, rules-based automation for approvals, and seamless self-service, all while reducing environmental impact. Real-time PCN integration and secure access improve service efficiency and user experience, maintaining compliance and simplifying management across various permit categories.

Highly Configurable

Offering a diverse range of permits and pricing models, offering both virtual and paper options.

Automated Process

Automatic rules-based permit approvals and renewals, customisable by clients, with multi-channel renewal reminders.

Self Service

24/7 secure single sign-on access with additional services like parking suspensions and dispensations.

Integration with PCN System

Real-time PCN system integration ensures accurate permit issuance and prevents erroneous PCNs.

Third-Party System Compatibility

Secure, compliant payment processing, with Experian validation and comprehensive print-and-mail services.

Robust Financial Oversight

Advanced tools for financial management and audit control enhance the accountability and precision of services.

Our testimonials

“We are pleased to announce FTS has been commissioned under our consultancy services to support the design and consultation of their latest round of CPZs in Southwark.”

“Matt Clubb, the Director of Environment for Southwark says the services offered are professional, whilst understanding the strategic aims of the council. FTS have made the whole process simple and provided professional advice, giving officers and members confidence in the process. We are very happy with the services provided. “

Matt Clubb – Director of Environment for Southwark Council

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