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Affordable Parking Enforcement Systems Personally Configured

Efficient and Compliant PCN Management

Revolutionising Parking Enforcement with Smart Technology

Optimise your parking enforcement with our advanced mobile app and cloud-based solutions. Designed for local authorities and private sector, our system streamlines PCN issuance with real-time data and reduces administrative burdens. Experience a leap in operational efficiency and customer service with our innovative parking management technology. Discover how our user-friendly platforms transform parking enforcement for the better.

Optimise PCN Issuance with Our Smart Enforcement App

Enhance on and off-street parking management with our easy-to-use app for Android devices. It streamlines PCN issuance, seamlessly integrates with parking systems, and utilises up-to-date back-office data to support informed decisions.

Elevate Your Parking Management

Achieve Operational Excellence with Real-Time PCN Enforcement

Leverage our technology to transform your parking enforcement, ensuring the rapid issue of compliant Penalty Charge Notices. Benefit from data-driven decision-making backed by real-time and historical analytics, leading to significant cost savings and heightened fiscal efficiency. Embrace a solution designed for the modern era of urban mobility management.

Customised Solutions

Bespoke configurations tailored to local policies enhance parking enforcement strategies.

Vehicle Recognition

Deploy accurate ANPR for efficient, real-time parking contravention identification and resolution.

Secure Operations

Protect your data with rigorous security protocols, ensuring safe parking enforcement processes.

Instant PCN Processing

Accelerate enforcement with immediate PCN issuance, streamlining penalty charge workflows.

Effortless Integration

Seamless compatibility with major cashless parking and permit systems for holistic management.

In-Depth Analytics

Gain insightful data analysis of enforcement activities to drive decision-making and operational excellence.

Advanced PCN Lifecycle Management

Streamline your parking enforcement with our cloud-based PCN system, designed for local authority efficiency and excellent customer experience. Tailor the solution to fit specific needs and enable citizens to manage their PCNs online with ease.

Sustainable Efficiency in Parking Management

Enhance your parking services with our comprehensive solution that lessens administrative work, ensures consistent quality, cuts expenses, and reduces environmental impact. Efficiently manage your operations while delivering superior value and safeguarding our planet.

Adaptable to any Parking and Traffic Service needs

Highly Configurable

Manage various PCNs for any local authority with a customizable Online Case Management system.

Contravention Processing

Automated Process

Dashboards instantly reflect updates once payments or contestations of PCNs are processed.

User-Friendly Online Service

Accessible Portal

Secure 24/7 case management access, facilitating easy payment and dispute resolution.

Integrated Enforcement: Seamless System Collaboration

Our platform ensures seamless coordination with external agencies and third-party systems, enhancing financial oversight and audit accuracy. With robust integration capabilities, we empower traffic enforcement with streamlined processes and comprehensive management tools.

Our testimonials

“We are pleased to announce FTS has been commissioned under our consultancy services to support the design and consultation of their latest round of CPZs in Southwark.”

“Matt Clubb, the Director of Environment for Southwark says the services offered are professional, whilst understanding the strategic aims of the council. FTS have made the whole process simple and provided professional advice, giving officers and members confidence in the process. We are very happy with the services provided. “

Matt Clubb – Director of Environment for Southwark Council

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