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At Future Traffic Solutions, we’re dedicated to transforming urban mobility through technology-driven traffic management systems. Our innovative solutions are designed to enhance safety, reduce congestion, and promote environmental sustainability across urban landscapes. By focusing on the integration of real-time data analytics and user-friendly interfaces, we empower cities to navigate towards a more efficient and eco-friendly future.

Optimised Fleet Efficiency with ATS

Accessible Transport System (ATS) gives you a single-source vehicle management system for the transport service you provide. ATS includes instant route planning and monitoring for staff, drivers and carers. As a result, your fleet running costs can be cut dramatically through increased tracking and efficiency.

Manage Your Fleet and All Users From One Simple Dashboard

You control your fleet and those that use it from one user-friendly dashboard within the ATS app. Each section of fleet management has its own module which makes it very simple to use. ATS is fully configurable to the needs of your fleet.

How ATS empowers efficiency

Streamlining Fleet Management with ATS

Accessible Transport System (ATS) is a cloud-based app delivering robust fleet management for transporting vulnerable individuals. Through an intuitive dashboard available on any device, ATS streamlines vehicle, staff, and route management, incorporating live tracking and smart route adjustments for enhanced operational efficiency and cost reduction.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Instant access to modules like fleet and finance management, and live vehicle tracking.

Real-Time Adjustments

Dynamic route creation and modification for optimal driver efficiency.

Unified Management

Single platform for managing drivers, contractors, and client services.

Enhanced Communication

Real-time updates for carers and passenger assistants through a dedicated mobile app.

Accessible Anywhere

Cloud-based system compatible with any web-enabled device.

Detailed Reporting

Financial analysis and system auditing to maintain control and transparency.

Seamless System Integration

Effortlessly connects with cashless parking and permit systems, enhancing service accessibility and convenience.

Advanced ANPR Technology

Utilises ANPR with DVLA lookup for quick, accurate data capture, improving efficiency and reliability of information.

User-Friendly System That Transforms Fleet Administration

Using the ATS app saves a lot of frustration and wasted time trying to manage your fleet manually with cumbersome tools like Word, email and spreadsheets. Dedicated modules provide control on every aspect of fleet management to cut costs and reduce emissions.

Module: Fleet

Fleet Management

Makes sure drivers carry out vehicle safety checks before they start their shift.

Module: Client

Client Management

Lets you add or remove clients or deactivate them. All client information is stored here.

Module: Contractor

Contractor Management

Provides details of all contractor vehicles, drivers, carers and contractor documentation.

Live Tracking lets you see exactly where your vehicles are at any time

ATS streamlines scheduling by tracking a drivers leave and carer availability. It also enables real-time route updates and vehicle safety checks through a mobile app, with all data instantly relayed to the back office for drivers and controllers.

Our testimonials

“We are pleased to announce FTS has been commissioned under our consultancy services to support the design and consultation of their latest round of CPZs in Southwark.”

“Matt Clubb, the Director of Environment for Southwark says the services offered are professional, whilst understanding the strategic aims of the council. FTS have made the whole process simple and provided professional advice, giving officers and members confidence in the process. We are very happy with the services provided. “

Matt Clubb – Director of Environment for Southwark Council

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